43-4403           B25 (MACR 12024)


On 1 February 1945, a B-25H, # 43-4403, assigned to 10th Air Force, 341st Bomb Group, 490th Bomb Squadron, departed the airfield at Warazup, Burma, on a bombing and strafing mission of the Mongpawn Bridge, Burma. It was seen to crash by Capt. James W. Brown Jr., 0-407342, and 1stLt Ithel D. Bradley, 0-713321, at about 1233 hours near coordinates 20º 48’ 16” North & 97º 25’ 37” East. The crew, killed in action, were:

                                              Pilot                                         2ndLt Elvin V. Bishop             0-718847

                                              Navigator/Bombardier            2ndLt Clyde D. Bauer              0-709253

                                              Engineer-Gunner                     Cpl Edward Farrell                  32978890

                                              Radio Operator-Gunner          Cpl Willis J. Rule                     16173463

                                              Armorer-Gunner                      Cpl James F. Hoenig                32863895


Capt. Brown reported that he was navigator and 1stLt Bradley was the pilot of a B-25H. They had discussed the mission with Lt. Bishop before the flight. They saw Lt. Bishop’s B-25 make a bomb run but it did not appear his bomb bay doors were open and they saw no tracers from his machineguns. After the run, he banked left at about 60º.  There was a slight hill near here. His left wing seemed to hit a tree on the hill summit and then was thrown into a small valley west of the hill. The B-25 exploded before it came to a stop and burned. They did not see him release any bombs nor saw any ground fire. They encountered no ground fire. They circled for about 15 minutes and notes the wreckage was strewn for about 75 yards. There was a 2nd explosion about 5 minutes after the first. 1stLt Bradley confirmed the report.

The next-of-kin were listed as:

                                                Bishop             Eleanor R. Bishop, M, 1927 P St, Sacramento, CA

                                                Bauer               Virginia S Bauer, W, 168 W Warren St, Youngstown, OH

                                                Farrell              Patrick J Farrell, B, 369 E. 142nd St, NY, NY

                                                Rule                 James T Rule, F, 3730 63rd St, Kenosha, Wisc.

                                                Hoenig             William G Hoenig, F, 1114 125th St, College Point, NY