MANNY, CLARENCE O., Staff Sergeant, # 16004926, USAAF


Clarence O. Manny was born in 1922 in Illinois to Thomas Manny (1884-1963) and Katherine “Katie” (Hardy) Manny (1881-1964) (married 21 September 1905, Chicago, IL). Siblings included Ethel (Manny) Meister (1906-1996), Rayond A. Manny (1908-1987), Arthur W. Manny (1910-1975) Lawrence Thomas Manny (1923-1989). In 1930 the brothers were living in Saint Anne, Kankakee Co., Illinois, with an aunt, Elizabeth Refstahl (1873-    ) (divorced). In 1940 they were living with their sister, Harvey Meister (1908-1958) and Ethel (Manny) Meister (1906-1996) in Saint Anne, Kankakee Co., Illinois. In 1930, Raymond and Arthur Manny were living with the family of Henry Milcholski (1893-1977) and Laura (Bartsch) Milchoski (1903-1978) in Dolton, Cook Co., Illinois.


He enlisted in the USAAF in Chicago, Illinois, on 19 June 1941. After enlisting in the USAAF, he was trained to maintain and monitor the mechanical systems on the B-25 Mitchell (crew chief/engineer). He earned his crewman wings. He was sent overseas to India. On 13 August 1944 a B-25H, # 43-4605, assigned to 10th Air Force, 12th Bomb Group, 81st Bomb Squadron, Feni, Bengal, India, departed its airfield on a low level bombing mission to the railroad from Tentabin to Wunsho, Burma. It was disabled when it was hit by enemy ground fire. Those who reported its crash were 1stLt Carter O. Cooper, 0-794382, 2ndLt Kenneth R. Mang, 0-696117, and 2ndLt Arden Z. Oats, 0-672178. 1stLt Cooper reported that after they bombed and strafed, he saw a B-25 with its right engine on fire losing altitude. It hit trees, crashed and exploded about 4 miles northwest of Kanbalu. 2ndLt Mang reported that after attacking, he heard 1stLt Cooper say, “They’ve got one.” He turned and saw the explosion. 2ndLt Oats reported that he saw the fire aftermath and saw a wing with the American star insignia. Once recovered the remains of the crew (1stLt Lewis B. Hoagland, SSgt. Clarence O. Manny, TSgt. Francisco Maturo, Maj. Warren W. Sutton, & SSgt. George H. Wooodward) were buried together (four caskets with five indistinguishable remains) on 7 September 1949 in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington Virginia (Sec. 34, Graves 4895, 4896).


His brother, Lawrence T. Manning, born 26 April 1923, served in the USAAF from 3 June 1941 to 5 September 1945. He died 6 August 1989 and is buried in the Camp Butler National Cemetery, Springfield, Sangamon Co., Illinois.