WESTON, WALTER ROBERT, First Lieutenant, # 0-875894, USAAF


Walter R. Weston was born 16 October 1923 in Dover, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, to Charles M. Weston (1896-1977) and Esther S. (Elliott) Weston (1897-1995). Siblings included Doris Evelyn Weston (1920-2006) and Ellen (Weston) Lohff (1924-    ).


He enlisted in the USAAF in Cleveland, Ohio, on 1 February 1943. He underwent training as a weatherman (forecasts, weathe air reports for pilots, observer) and earned his commission. He was sent overseas to India. In India, he was assigned to fly on a B-25 in search of the two missing crews and his B-25 Mitchell crashed in India. Two of five B-25s departed the airfield at Panagarh, India, at 0830 hours, 17 October 1945, for Bangalore, India, to be later scrapped. B-25, # 43-4955, was located, crashed 13 miles from Udayagiri, India. On 23 October 1945, a jeep and 3 officers (Chaplain Capt. Claude T. Ennis, 1stLt Robert Clark, Operations Officer, and 1stLt Jack L. McAnally, Provost Marshal) were sent by C-47 to Vizigapatam, India, for a ground investigation. The aircraft and fragments of the crew but positive identification were made. The remains were given a Christian burial in the Mallikpodi Christian cemetery. This MACR holds numerous pages of Q&A of several witnesses under oath with investigators who recommended disciplinary actions against two officers, including a USAAF Colonel, Group Commander, for dereliction of duty for failing to ensure the aircraft were sufficiently maintained and prepared for flight and manned with sufficient and qualified USAAF personnel, leading the aircraft aloft to be vulnerable to navigational and pilot errors and resulted in crashes and deaths. His B-25 crashed during the search. After recovery from the American military cemetery at Barrackpore, India, the remains of crew members (Ketron, Ryle, & Weston) were buried in a group ceremony and burial in the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, Lemay, Missouri, on 9 November 1949 (Sec. 79, Grave 501).

MACKEY, JOSEPH L., Corporal, # 14159207, USAAF


Joseph L. Mackey was born on 20 May 1920 in Tennessee to William Afton Mackey (1895-1990) and Estelle May (Epperson) Mackey (1897-1994) (married 8 April 1917, Bradley, TN). Siblings included James Walter Mackey (1918-2008), Theodore D. Mackey (1922-2009), Woodrow A. Mackey (1922-1926), Barbara Earl (Mackey) Whitfield (1926-1991), and Christine Irene (Mackey) Good (1934-2007).


He enlisted in the USAAF at Camp Forrest, Tennessee, on 21 October 1942. He was trained to work on the B-25 Mitchell. He earned his crewman wings and was sent overseas to India. His last assignment was with the 47th Depot Repair Squadron. In India, he was assigned to fly on a B-25 in search of the two missing crews and his B-25 Mitchell crashed in India.