NARA, JAMES SYETTE, Sergeant, # 33165016, USAAF


James S. Nara was born on 13 May 1920 in Uniontown, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania, to George Nara (1900-    ) (PA) and Ruth (Hickle) Nara (1901-1989) (PA). Siblings included Joseph Dominic Nara (1921-1992), George Nara Jr. (1923-1992), Verda “Virdie” Nara (1926-    ), Jane Nara (1929   ), Katherine Nara (1931-    ), William Nara (1935-    ).


He registered for the WW II draft on 1 July 1941, residing in the rear of 80 East Main St., Uniontown, PA, and described himself as 5’8”, 153 lbs, with brown hair and eyes. He enlisted in the USAAF in Greensburg, Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania, on 21 March 1942. He was trained the maintenance and operation of the radio equipment on the B-25 Michell and earned his crewman wings. He was sent overseas to India in January 1944. On 17 October 1944, a B-25H, # 43-4905, assigned to 10th Air Force, 341st Bomb Group, 490th Bomb Squadron, departed its airfield on a bombing mission over Nawnghkio Air Base, Burma. Its last contact was by radio with 1stLt Harry A. Fisher, 0-750362, at about 1500 hours while in the target vicinity. One B-25 and eight P-47s were sent on a search mission by 10th Air Force. 1stLt Fisher reported that he led a flight of three B-25s on the mission during bad weather. About 5 minutes from the target, they went through a cloud for about 20 seconds and encountered mild turbulence. Upon cloud exit, his right wing-man was missing. The other two completed the bomb run. About 15 minutes away from the target, the missing bomber contacted him. He directed him to go ahead and make his bomb run. The reply was “Okay” and about 5 minutes later, Fisher tried to contact him again but was unsuccessful. The B-25 crashed in Burma’ he died that day. After recovery, his remains were buried in the Sylvan Heights Cemetery, Oliver, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania.


His brother, Joseph D. Nara, born 29 November 1921, served in the USAAF, # 13037675, from 31 July 1941 to 26 September 1945. He died on 12 July 1992 and is buried in the Sylvan Heights Cemetery, Oliver, PA.


His brother, George Nara Jr., born 5 November 1923, served in the U.S. Army, # 33441095, from 30 March 1943 to 30 October 1945 (overseas – 23 July 1944 to 27 October 1945). He died on 23 May 1992.

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