43-4968           B25


On 30 October 1944, a B-25H, # 43-4968, assigned to 10th Air Force, 12th Bomb Group, 82nd Bomb Squadron, departed the airfield at Feni, India, on a bombing mission over the Mu River by-pass. The B-25H was last seen on a course of 360º at 9,800 feet as it disappeared through an overcast. The crew were:


                                      Pilot                                         Capt. Robert B. Hummel                     0-372922

                                      Bombardier/Navigator            2ndLt Nicholas R. Beck                       0-703168

                                      Radio Operator-Gunner          SSgt Edward O. Williams                    19110353

                                      Armorer-Gunner                     Cpl Legran Grantham                           34809851

                                      Engineer-Gunner                     Sgt Joel A. Mickelson                          39175015

                                      Aerial Photographer                PFC Maurice S. Bodker                       32500256


Witnesses were 1stLt George D. Carpenter, 0-479418, TSgt Walter B. Marsh, 12034601, and SSgt Elton D. Shinpoch, 7009428. TSgt Marsh reported that he was the radio operator-gunner in the lead B-25 and had completed the bomb run and were RTB when they flew into monsoon weather. Shortly after entering the monsoon, he saw Capt. Hummel descend, pass under their B-25’s tail, barely missing it. That B-25 flew to the right in a turn 90º from their lead B-25. When last seen, that B-25 was descending.


1stLt Carpenter reported that on their return course, he climbed through an alto stratus cloud at 1126 hours. Before entering it, the missing B-25 dropped back as ig he was going to change position. He did not do this but continued to bear right. TSgt Marsh kept 1stLt Carpenter informed of the course of the B-25. During its descent and turn, the B-25 disappeared in the overcast. SSgt Shinpoch reported that during the return to base, and about 30-4 miles from Feni airfield, the missing B-25 slid in and out of position several times. He last saw the B-25 slide out of sight then suddenly shot past their tail, left to right and descended almost vertically, barely missing their tail.

The next-of-kin listed were:


                                                    Hummel          Virginia H. Hummel, W, Box 31, Blacksburg, VA

                                                    Beck                Louise J. Beck, M, 462 Algonquin St, Detroit, Mich.

                                                    Williams          Helene Williams, M, Rte 1, Pendleton, OR

                                                    Mickelson        Mary Mickelson, M, Lawler, Minn.

                                                    Grantham        Dabinet Grantham, W, Aimwell, Alabama

                                                    Bodker             Julius Bodker, Uncle, 27 W. 23rd St, NY, NY

                                                                             Mrs Florence Friedlander, M, 230 Riverside Drv, NY, NY