Harry J. Wray

42-64104         B24


On 27 March 1944, a B-24-J, # 42-64104, assigned to 10th Air Force, 6th Photo Group, 24th Combat Mapping Squadron, of the air field at Gushkara, India, took off from Sookerating, Assam, India, on a ferrying mission to Gushkara, India. Its last known location was at 0830 hours at Sookerating, India. The crew included:


                                                    Pilot                             1stLt Fred M. Hughes Jr.                     0-666291

                                                    Co-Pilot                       2ndLt Joseph A. Cook                         0-665179

                                                    Navigator                    2ndLt James G. Roddy                         0-797396

                                                    Engineer                      TSgt Virgil C. Gray                              13009315

                                                    Radio Operator            SSgt Eli (NMI) Samuels                      36329110


The next-of-kin list was:

                                               Hughes            Mrs. Marguerite V. Hughes, wife, 617 Seventh Ave, Yma, AZ

                                               Cook                Mrs TenaUliberri,sister, Box 983, Shiprock, NM

                                               Roddy              Mrs Margaret J Rody, wife, 4837 Radner Ave, Detroit, Mich.

                                               Gray                Mrs Ella E Gray wif, Box 106, Douglas Cottage # 2, Manitou Springs, CO

                                               Samuels              Mr John Samuels, father, 6607 Sheriden Rd, Chicago, IL


Capt. Joseph M. Kotlewski, 0-661497, Investigating Officer, reported: The aircraft departed Gushkara air field, India, on 27 March 1944. It landed at Sookerating field, Assam, India, at 0545 Zulu hours. It was ferrying 100 octane fuel and eight passengers. It took off from Sookerating at 0843 Zulu to fly to Gushkara. No Form 23, flight clearance, was on file at Sookerating. The last contact was with the Sookerating Airdrome. Two B-24-J aircraft flew a search. Nothing was found.