RODDY, JAMES G., Second Lieutenant, # 0-797396, USAAF


James G. Roddy was born 1920 In Michigan to James (NMN) Roddy (1895-1970) (County Down, Ireland) and Hannah “Anna” (O’Donoghue) Roddy (1894-1976) (County Down, Ireland) (married 15 July 1918 Battle Creeck, Mich.). Siblings included Mary Josephine Roddy (1922-    ), Ellen Marie Roddy (1924-    ), Daniel Richard Roddy (1926-2005), Peter Roddy (1929-    ), and Gerald Roddy (1931-2016). In 1940, he was single and working as an office clerk for a radio station. In 1942, he was married to Margaret J. Roddy, of 4837 Radner Ave., Detroit, Michigan.


He enlisted in the USAAF in Detroit, Michigan, on 4 January 1942. He completed training as a navigator for the B-24 and earned his commission and wings. On 27 March 1944, a B-24-J, # 42-64104, assigned to 10th Air Force, 6th Photo Group, 24th Combat Mapping Squadron, of the air field at Gushkara, India, took off from Sookerating, Assam, India, on a ferrying mission to Gushkara, India. Its last known location was at 0830 hours at Sookerating, India. The aircraft departed Gushkara air field, India, on 27 March 1944. It landed at Sookerating field, Assam, India, at 0545 Zulu hours. It was ferrying 100 octane fuel and eight passengers. It took off from Sookerating at 0843 Zulu to fly to Gushkara. No Form 23, flight clearance, was on file at Sookerating. The last contact was with the Sookerating Airdrome. Two B-24-J aircraft flew a search. Nothing was found. He is remembered on the memorial at the Manila American Cemetery & Mausoleum, Philippines.


His father served in WW I, a Private First Class, in the 330th Field Artillery, 85th Division, Battery E.