The P-38 was seen to crash an explode at about 1330 hours bout 3 miles South of Namlin, Buma. The witnesses to the crash and explosion were 2ndLt Robert W. Roper, 0-710810, and 2ndLt Donald F. Finkelson, 0-773600. The witnesses reported that The three departed Sahmaw airfield (“Fox Jig”) at 1145 hours, and proceededto Namlam at 10,000’, where they descended to 1,000’ and began to strafe to “sweep” the road of enemy. Five miles North of Konhai Ping, they saw 2 horses on the road and Lt. Roper strafed them, killing one and wounding the other. In the vicinity of Wong Kam, Lt. Roper noticed that Lt. Sisson’s left propeller was windmilling. Roper called and asked Sisson if he was in trouble. Lt. Sisson replied that something was wrong with his left engine and to return to base. Sisson made a right turn to 350º. Altitude of the flight was 1,000’ and they started a gentle climb at 150 MPH. Lt. Sisson called and said that fuel was leaking into his cockpit. A few seconds later, he said there was about 1” of fueld on the cockpit floor. About a minute later, Lt. Sisson leveled out then went into a gentle diving turn to the right from about 1,500’. The dive steepened to about 45º. Just before he hit the ground, smoke was coming from the cockpit/nacelle. His guns started firing. His P-38 exploded on impact. Lt. Roper followed Lt. Sisson down. The canopy did not open and no attempt was made to bail out. The crash position was relayed to Fighter Control. They were asked to land at the airfield at Yoke Oboe and contact Air Jungle Rescue. They did so and returned to the area of the crash in a B-25 but were unable to locate it due to darkness and haze. He is remembered on the wall of the missing in the Manila American Cemetery & Memorial, Philippines. He was awarded the Air Medal and the Purple Heart.