44-29111         B25


On 18 January 1945, a B-25J, “Midge,” # 44-29111, assigned to 10th Air Force, 341st Bomb Group, 490th Bomb Squadron, departed the airfield at Warazup, Burma, on a bombing and strafing mission of Nawnghkio Air Base. The B-25J was last seen near 10 miles NW of the Nawnghkio air base at 5,000’. The crew were:


                                              Pilot                                         Capt. Andrew J. Squire            0-691194

                                              Navigator/Bombardier            1stLt Walter E. Bogart              0-717612

                                              Engineer-Gunner                     SSgt Paul R. Wilburn               13045323

                                              Radio Operator-Gunner          SSgt Marvin Brahin                  13177935

                                              Armorer-Gunner                      1stLt Frank Smith                    0-397194

                                              Armorer-Gunner                      Sgt James E. McDermott         32666256


The B-25J was last seen by F/O Orville Fjeldheim, T-125310, and 1stLt William H. Shivar, 0-707337.


F/O Fjeldheim reported that they bombed directly behind Capt. Squire, strafed the roralroad yards on the same run, turned left, and started climbing northwesterly. About 10 miles north of the target, Capt. Squire was behind them and a little higher. Capt. Squire was firing from his nose guns and black smoke was coming from the left engine. Their altitude was 4,500’. They made a 360º turn to get out of Squire’s way and tried to follow him. At 1310 hours, he seemed to be maintaining altitude but had black smoke coming from the left engine still. They next saw fire and black smoke coming from a very narrow ravine.


Lt. Shivar reported that his aircraft was returning from Nawnghkio air strip when, at about 1320 hours, they saw smoke off to the right. They circled and flames were coming from a small area but the jungle was dense. Coordinates were about 22º 37’ North & 96º 43’ East; on a bearing of 165º at 175 MPH for 4 minutes from the town of Monglong.


Capt. William T. Jones reported that they searched the area where the black smoke was reported and the B-25J’s course from 1630 to 1700 hours, 18 January 1945. Nothing was found.


The next-of-kin listed were:


                                           Squire              Margaret F Squire, W, 205-20 114th Rd, Saint Albans, NY

                                           Bogart              Ruby S Bogart, M, Rte 1, Spring Lake, Mich.

                                           Smith               Stanley G Smith, B, 915 Seneca Rd, Wilemette, IL

                                          Wilburn           Stella Wilburn, M, Jackson St, Summerhill, PA

                                           Brahin              Gertrude Brahin, M, 5851 Cobbs Creek Parkway, Philadelphia, PA

                                           McDermott      Mildred F McDermott, W, 59 Second Ave, Rensselaer, NY