CLENDENEN, NORMAN BRUCE, First Lieutenant, # 0-427299, USAAF


He was born 4 September 1918 in Pasadena, California, to Norman Fleming Clendenen (1895-1964) and Amy May (Ellis) Clendenen (1895-1997) (married 28 August 1917, L.A., CA – divorced as of the 1940 census). Norman F. Clendenen’s second spouse was Amy Louise Clendenen of Bermuda. Siblings included Norma Frances (Clendenen) Miller (1920-2010), Frank Byron Clendenen (1923-2001), and Roderick William Clendenen (1922-2003). He married Willa M. (Kirkpatrick) Clendenen in California in 1941.


He registered for the WWII draft on 16 October 1940, employed by Don Lee, Inc., resided at 1185 N. Chester, Pasadena, CA, and described himself as 5’11”, 145 lbs, with brown hair and eyes. He enlisted in the USAAF at March AAF Field, Riverside, California, on 11 February 1941. After enlisting in the USAAF, he completed flight instruction through advanced schools and was multi-engine rated. He earned his commission and pilot wings. He was sent overseas through India to China. On 31 August 1944 a B-24J, # 44-40783, assigned to 14th Air Force, 308th Bomb Group, 425th Bomb Squadron, Kunming, China, departed the airfield at Liuchow and formed with other B-24s on a mission to bomb shipping at Takao Harbor, Taiwan. Second B-24J lost on same flight: 44-40831, same unit. Formosa Intelligence reported a B-24 shot down in Sea of Takao, by Japanese Submarine Chaser. MP Sgt Masayoshi Kakimoto dispatched to Ryuku Islands (Okinawa, etc.) informed of aviators afloat on sea. Found one and captured him: Capt. George Keats O’Neil. Capt. O’Neil said that Reade, Roney, Mast and Hicks bailed out from forward compartment. Fired on in parachutes and on water. Capt. O’Neil believes all lost. He is remembered on the tablets of the missing in the Manila American Cemetery & Memorial, Philippines. He was awarded the Air Medal and the Purple Heart.


His, brother, Roderick W. Clendenen, born 7 April 1922, enlisted in the U.S. Army on 2 February 1942. He died on 16 June 2003 and is buried in the Soquel Cemetery, Soquel, Santa Cruz Co., California.


His brother, Frank B. Clendenen, born 25 July 1923, served in the U.S. Navy from 1 July 1943 to 7 September 1946. He died 18 August 2001 and is buried in the Santa Cruz Memorial Park, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Co., California.

READE, ROBERT B. ORCUTT, Second Lieutenant, # 0-699850, USAAF


Robert B. Orcutt Reade was born on 26 May 1922 in Fresno, California, to Chester Windfield Orcutt (1898-1924); and Mary Lenoir (Riggin) Reade nee Orcutt (1896-1974); (step father - Clifford Morris Reade (1905-1972) (married Chester W. Orcutt on 2 May 1917, in Alameda Co., CA – married Clifford M. Reade on 11 October 1925). Siblings were Virginia Alice Orcutt-Reade (1919-    ) and Charles Morris Reade (1931-. He was married to Mabel Lee Lockett (1923-2004) at the chapel on Langley Field, Virginia, on 22 May 1944, while he was assigned for training at the 111th AAF Base Unit, Langley Field.