44-40783                     MACR 8018


On 31 August 1944 a B-24J, # 44-40783, assigned to 14th Air Force, 308th Bomb Group, 425th Bomb Squadron, Kunming, China, departed the airfield at Liuchow and formed with other B-24s on a mission to bomb shipping at Takao (Hong Kong) Harbor. The crew was:


                                        Pilot                             1stLt Norman B. Clendenen                0-427299

                                        Co-Pilot                       2ndLt Robert B. Reade                        0-699850

                                        Navigator                    2ndLt John W. Roney                           0-706547

                                        Bombardier                  2ndLt Howard N. Young                     0-697755

                                        Crew Chief                  SSgt Ewald A. Mast                             31247318

                                        Radio Operator            SSgt James L. Hicks                            34722415

                                        Gunner                        Sgt Glen H. Park                                   19126712

                                        Gunner                        Sgt Milan J. Sliepka                              36650396

                                        Gunner                        Sgt Richard D. Zacharias                      33429963

                                        Radar Observer           SSgt Allen S. Guthrie                           13082134

                                        Passenger                     Capt. George K. O’Neil                       0-427621


Second B-24J lost on same flight: 44-40831, same unit. Formosa Intelligence reported a B-24 shot down in Sea of Takao, by Japanese Submarine Chaser. MP Sgt Masayoshi Kakimoto dispatched to Ryuku Islands (Okinawa, etc.) informed of aviators afloat on sea. Found one and captured him: Capt. George Keats O’Neil. Capt. O’Neil said that Reade, Roney, Mast and Hicks bailed out from forward compartment. Fired on in parachutes and on water. Capt. O’Neil believes all lost. The next-of-kin listed were:


                                      Clendenen       Willa M. Clendenen, W, 1332 N. Carlton, Stockton, CA

                                      Reade              Mary R. Reade, M, 144 Fernley Ave., Sacramento, CA

                                      Roney              Robert B. Roney, F, 514 Tremont St., Chattanooga, TN

                                      Young              Howard H. Young, F, 1815 N. Carona Ave., Colorado Springs, CO

                                      Guthrie            Ina S. Guthrie, M, 3629 N. Illinois St., Indianapolis, IN

                                      Hicks               Cleo E. Hicks, M, Rte 2, Cleveland, TN

                                      Mast                Albert Mast, F, RFD 2, Westerley, Rhode Island

                                      Park                 Opal B. Park, W, 1301 W. 38th Place, Los Angeles, CA

                                      Sliepka             Marie Domasek, M, 1339 N. Hamlin Ave., Chicago, IL

                                      Zacharias         John L. Zacharias, F, RFD 1, Box 277, New Kensington, PA