His father, born 24 October 1985, served in the U.S. Army during WWI, Private, Infantry Wagon Co., from 25 June 1918 to 26 July 1919. He departed for France on 8 September 1918, was wounded, and departed there on 17 June 1919. He died 7 December 1980 and is buried in the Robstown Cemetery, Robstown, Nueces Co., Texas. He was awarded the Purple Heart.



Sydney M. McClenghan was born on 15 June 1925 in Borup, Borman Co., Minnesota, to Richard Wilmont McClenghan (1891-1952) and Stelle Carla (Hansen) McClenghan (1902-1991). Siblings were Richard W. McClenghan Jr. (1922-1997), Shirley Luella McClenghan (1924-    ), and Pauline Kaye McClenghan (1930-    ).


After he enlisted in the USAAF, he was trained to maintain the weapons (armorer) and to shoot the .50 caliber machine gun on the B-24 Liberator. He earned his crewman wings. He was sent overseas through India to China. On 11 February 1945 a B-24L, # 44-41448, assigned to 14th Air Force, 308th Bomb Group, 373rd Bomb Squadron, Luliang, China, departed on a night mission to bomb shipping in the Tonkin Gulf, French Indochina. Last radio contact was at 2320 Zulu, that the B-24L was heading for coordinates 21° 10’ North and 107° 30’ East and intended to bail out there. Last position was off Tien-Yen, French Indochina, near Ka-Bao Island. The following radio messages were received: 2300 – 60 miles off coast. Bad fuel lead # 3 tank. Engine # 3 on fire. 9,000’ altitude; 2305 – heading for 21° 45’ N & 108° 00’ E, intending to bail out there; 2310 – trying to make it to “Darkhorse;” 2320 – heading for 21° 10’ N & 107° 30’ E, intending to bail out there. 1stLt William H. Stafford, navigator, was the sole survivor and returned to duty 5 March 1945. He is remembered on the tablets of the missing in the Manila American Cemetery & Memorial, Philippines.


His father, born 28 April 1891, served in the U.S. Army during WWI, Private, # 1055445, 7th Division, 5th Engineers. He died 27 September 1952 and is buried in the Golden Gate Cemetery, San Bruno, California (Sec. R, Grave 1582).


His brother, Richard W. McClenaghan Jr., born 8 May 1922, served in the U.S. Army, Technician 4th Grade, from 10 February 1941 to 2 September 1945. He died 13 June 1997 and is buried in the Florida National Cemetery, Bushnell, Sumter Co., Florida (Sec. 319, Grave 295).