44-41448         MACR 12287


On 11 February 1945 a B-24L, # 44-41448, assigned to 14th Air Force, 308th Bomb Group, 373rd Bomb Squadron, Luliang, China, departed on a night mission to bomb shipping in the Tonkin Gulf, French Indochina. Last radio contact was at 2320 Zulu, that the B-24L was heading for coordinates 21° 10’ North and 107° 30’ East and intended to bail out there. Last position was off Tien-Yen, French Indochina, near Ka-Bao Island. The crew was:


                                    Pilot                             1stLt Loren Fay Taylor                        0-592838 

                                    Co-Pilot                       1stLt Glenn Brooks Taylor                  0-699874

                                    Navigator                    1stLt William H. Stafford                     0-805217

                                    Bombardier                  1stLt William B. McNulty                   0-698583

                                    Crew Chief                  Sgt Chester D. Demers                        32577150

                                    Radio Operator            SSgt Anthony J. Coffaro                     12207857 

                                    Radar Observer           TSgt Lewis N. Hill                               39300321       

                                    Gunner                        SSgt Virgil L. Jones                              38412800

                                    Gunner                        SSgt Henry A. DeAngelis                     31334405

                                    Gunner                        SSgt Johnnie W. Skurka                        38232022

                                    Gunner                        Cpl Sydney M. McClenaghan               19142410 

                                                  (All enlisted men also served as gunners)

The following radio messages were received:

2300 – 60 miles off coast. Bad fuel lead # 3 tank. Engine # 3 on fire. 9,000’ altitude

2305 – heading for 21° 45’ N & 108° 00’ E, intending to bail out there

2310 – trying to make it to “Darkhorse”

2320 – heading for 21° 10’ N & 107° 30’ E, intending to bail out there

1stLt William H. Stafford, navigator, was the sole survivor and returned to duty 5 March 1945. The listed next-of-kin were:


                                     McNulty          Edward P. McNulty, F, 1101 S. Humphrey, Oak Park, IL

                                     Taylor, Loren   Seymour L. Taylor, F, RFD 2, Villisca, Iowa

                                     Taylor, Glenn  Ida B. Taylor, M, Box 146, Boling, TX

                                     Stafford           Clara H. Stafford, M, 404 Pine St., Providence, Rhode Island

                                     Demers            Ann V. Demers, W, 1216 Saussa Ave., Troy, NY

                                     Coffaro            Caroline S. Coffaro, M, 65 Weld St., Rochester, NY

                                     Hill                  Muriel C. Hill, W, 1673 S. Ferry St., Eugene, OR (c/o EE Dorman)

                                     Jones                Mrs. Enid L. Jones, M, 2585 Forrest St., Beaumont, TX

                                     DeAngelis        Josephine DeAngelis, M, 194 Humford St., Waterbury, CT

                                     Skurka             Millie Skurka, M, Rte 1, Farrell, TX

                                     McClenaghan   Stella McClenaghan, M, 615 E. 1st St., Duluth, Minn.