44-50252         MACR 14433


On 12 May 1945 a B-24M Liberator, # 44-50252, assigned to 14th Air Force, 308th Bomb Group, 373rd Bomb Squadron, on detached duty with 425th Bomb Squadron, Kwanghan, China, on a mission to bomb the Yellow River bridge. It crashed near Kuangwu, Hunan Province, China. Last radio contact was with Hsingching. The crew was:

                                         Pilot                             1stLt Ferris D. Caffey                          0-1552033

                                         Co-Pilot                       2ndLt Claud R. Wood                          0-711575

                                         Navigator                    2ndLt Charles E. Van Tilburg              0-723211

                                         Radar-Bombardier       2ndLt Eugene S. Majchrzak                 0-717816

                                         Radar Operator            2ndLt Franklin G. Henry                     0-769124

                                         Crew Chief                  Sgt Denzil B. Keller                             35752810

                                         Radio Operator            TSgt Frank H. Kruger                          16045826

                                         Gunner                        Sgt Willard E. Van Der Maaten           37487781

                                         Gunner                        Sgt Harold A. Williams                        33830892

                                               (All enlisted men served as gunners)

The next-of-kin listed were:

                                      Caffey              Virginia A. Caffey, W, 1007 W. 29th St., Cheyenne, WY

                                      Wood               Norma Wood, W, 920 Washington St., Wenatchee, WA

                                      Van Tilburg     Bertha L. Van Tilburg, W, 604 Vine St., Martins Ferry, OH

                                      Majchrzak        Audrey E. Majchrzak, W, 5477 Seadman, Dearborn, Mich.

                                      Henry              Gloria M. Henry, W, 4029 Chestnut St., Kansas City, MO

                                      Kruger             Mabel Kruger, M, 177 E. Broadway, Oxford, Mich.

                                      Williams          William A. Williams, F, 212 Belvadere Ave., Reading, PA

                                       Van Der Maaten          Andrew F, Vander Maaten, F, Rte 2, Orange City, Iowa

                                       Keller              Hattie B. Keller, M, 412 Stealey Ave., Clarksburg, West VA


It was reported first the the remains of the crew were indistinguishable but an extra effort provided the families with separate remains for burial.