44-50335         B24 (MACR 13467)


On 29 March 1945, a B-24M, # 44-50335, assigned to 10th Air Force, 7th Bomb Group, 9th Bomb Squadron, departed the airfield at Pandaveswar, India, on a bombing mission over Rangoon, Burma. It was last seen at coordinates 17º 10’ North & 95º 20’ East, flying west toward the Burma coast (Bay of Bengal). The crew aboard were:

                                              Pilot                             1stLt Charles L. Wiley                        0-819658

                                              Co-Pilot                       1stLt Frank T. Cross                            0-767757

                                              Navigator                    2ndLt Murle F. Wiley                          0-889778

                                              Bombardier                  1stLt Claude Marshall                         0-766317

                                              Radar Observor           2ndLt James D. Male                           0-927738

                                              Engineer                      SSgt Chester D. Goodwin                    35552203

                                              Radio Operator            SSgt David V. Law                              33596765

                                              Armorer-Gunner          SSgt Walter Ott Jr.                               35892585

                                              Inst.-Gunner                 Sgt William D. Harrell                         35799693


The witnesses who last saw the B-24M were SSgt Owen E. Maddox, 35728501, Sgt George A. Fisher, 35882687, and Cpl Jimmie J. Bearden, 18167597. The last in radio contact were LtCol William B. Kyes, 0-425090, and 1stLt Phocian B. Hatten, 0-533189. 7th Bomb Group sent a sortie to search. Air Sea Rescue searched. Nine bombers on a mission on 1 April 1945 will also search enroute on return.


Cpl. Bearden reported that he was on B-24 # 25 and at about 1200 hours, after bombs away, B-24 # 24 was hit. He saw the # 2 engine feathered but no smoke and the B-24 was holding its altitude. It banked left and he lost sight. SSgt. Maddox reported that right after departing the target, B-24 # 24 began losing altitude and banked left out of formation. He fell back with 492nd Squadron still losing altitude. He last saw the B-24 make a left turn toward the coast. Sgt. Fisher reported that after bombs away, he saw B-24 # 24 drop out of formation, losing altitude. When it descended level with the formation behind theirs, the # 2 propellar stopped turning. Then it started turning again. He lost sight of it. The next-of-kin listed were:

                                       Wiley, Chas      Florence H. Wiley, M, 19 SW 2nd Ave, Lancaster, PA

                                       Cross               Lillian A. Cross, M, Box 563, Westmont, IL

                                       Marshall           Esther Baird, M, 4421 Washington Blvd, Chicago, IL

                                       Wiley, Murle    Minnie D. Wiley, M, City Residence, St. Paul, IN

                                       Male                Leonard W. Male, F, 2803 W. Genesee St, Syracuse, NY

                                       Ott                  Hazel Ott, M, RR # 7, Columbus, IN

                                       Law                 Mary L. Law, M, 1506 Vista St, Philadelphia, PA

                                       Goodwin         Fairy N. Goodwin, M, Rte 1, Wolcottville, IN

                                       Harrell             Alberta Harrell, M, 211 Forrest Ave, Cincinnati, OH