In the same multi-bomber collision and loss was the crew of # 44-70414, were:

                                               Pilot                             1stLt Arthur J. Bodmer Jr.                   0-697093

                                               Co-Pilot                       1stLt Joseph W. Coffman Jr.                0-696432

                                               Navigator                    2ndLt Ernest R. Ford Jr.                      0-1287158

                                               Bombardier                  2ndLt Fred H. Reed                             0-703521

                                               Engineer                      TSgt Herbert P. Slesrick                      36806916

                                               Radio Operator            TSgt Glenn S. Morton                         14161943

                                               Asst Eng-Gunner         Sgt Carter P. Bedard                            36457074

                                               Armorer-Gunner          Sgt Clifford H. Grierson                      35717436

                                               “                                  Sgt Marvin L. Caffery                          16097149

                                               “                                  SSgt James J. Soptick                           37239830

The next-of-kin listed were:

                                    Bodmer            Fela Allen Bodmer, step-mother, 1840 Coles Blvd, Portsmouth, OH

                                    Coffman          Eloise J Coffman, M, 1092 Vestal Ave, Binghampton, NY

                                    Ford                 Doris E Ford, W, 1213 N Vernon St, Arlington, VA

                                    Reed                Margaret S Reed, W, 422 Third Ave, Williamsport, PA

                                    Slesrick            Rose B. Slesrick, M, Rte 2, Sheboygan Falls, Wisc.

                                    Morton            Grace E Morton, M, 407 Houston St, Maryville, TN

                                    Soptick            Eva Soptick, M, 65 S 24th St, Kansas City, KS

                                    Bedard             Maxine E Bedard, M, 612 Wisconsin Ave, Gladstone, Mich.

                                    Grierson          Opal M Grierson, W, Rte 3, Hickson, KY

                                    Caffery             Lulu H Caffery, M, 3202 16th St, Rock Island, IL

BODMER, ARTHUR JOHN, JR., First Lieutenant, # 0-697093, USAAF


Arthur J. Bodmer Jr. was born on 14 September 1922 in Portsmouth, Scioto Co., Ohio, to Arthur J.  Bodmer (1903-1948) and Myrtle Louise (Newman) Bodmer (1902-1924) then Vola Ailsie (Van Winkle) Bodmer (1907-2001).  A paternal grand-uncle was Glen Morris (1909-2002). Living with him and his father in 1930 was his paternal grandmother, Anna Elizabeth (Norman) Bodmer (1862-1939) (widowed – Jacob Henry Bodmer (1855-1908). His step-mother was Viola A. Bodmer (1907-2001).


After enlisting, he completed flight instruction through advanced schools and was multi-engine rated. He earned his commission and pilot wings. He was sent overseas to India. On 22 October 1944, a flight of B-24Js, including # 44-40588, # 44-40992, and # 44-70414, assigned to 10th Air Force, 7th Bomb Group, 493rd Bomb Squadron, departed the airfield at Pandaveswar, India, on a bombing mission over Moulmein, Burma. The bombers were hit by anti-aircraft fire, collided, and crashed, exploding. Five minutes after bombing the target at about 1202 hours, the formation was attacked by eight to twelve enemy fighters.