44-72848         MACR 14929


On 12 September 1945 a P-51D-25 Mustang, “Stumpy Red,” # 44-72848, assigned to 14th Air Force, 311th Fighter Group, 530th Fighter Squadron, Sian, China, departed the airfield on a flight to Peishiyi, China. The pilot was Capt. George W. Lee, # 0-792037. The P-51 crashed and the pilot was killed.


LEE, GEORGE W., Captain, # 0-792037. USAAF


There is insufficient data to identify this veteran. Please assist by using the contact page. He is remembered on the tablets of the missing in the Manila American Cemetery & Memorial, Philippines. He was awarded the Silver Star Medal, the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Air Medal, and the Purple Heart.  He was awarded the Air Hero Medal by the Chinese.

44-78200         MACR 14868


On 1 August 1945 a C-46D Commando, # 44-78200, assigned to 10th Air Force, 443rd Troop Carrier Group, 315th Troop Carrier Squadron, Dinjan, India, departed the airfield at Kunming, China, on a flight through the Himalayan mountain range (the Hump) on a return to Dinjan, India. The C-46D flew through the Hump but when it was over Dinjan, the pilot could not see the field from low altitude and was diverted to Chabua, India. He answered over the field at Chabua and was low on fuel. He was seen by air traffic control at Chabua. He was cleared for an immediate landing. However, the C-46D did not land. The crash had not been discovered by 24 September 1945. The crew was:

                                           Pilot                             1stLt Jewell H. Boggus                         0-790500

                                           Co-Pilot                       F/O Jack V. Harless                               T-7880

                                           Radio Operator            Sgt Milton E. Glaub                              37576738

The next-of-kin listed were:

                                     Boggus             Vanita M. Boggus, W, 1932 Washington Ave., Vincennes, IN

                                     Harless             Pearl L. Harless, M, Rte 2, Box 53, Lenoir, NC

                                     Glaub              Mildred E. Glaub, M, 4031 Emerson Ave, Minnepolis, Minn.

Curtiss C-46 Commando over the Hump