Red Albinson's crew included 2nd.Lt. George E. Harmon, bombardier, 0-679464, 2nd.Lt. Newton J. Kellam, pilot, 0-502926, 2nd.Lt. John D. Marcello, navigator, 0-802665, 2nd.Lt. Fred E. Schwall, co-pilot, 0-684782, SSgt. Perry Marshall, engineer-gunner, 14156113, SSgt. Thomas E. Senoff, radio operator-gunner, 33290016, Sgt. Don Z. Davis, assistant armorer-gunner, 17162249, Sgt. Charles W. Perry, assistant engineer-gunner, 14156141, and Sgt. William H. Thomas, armorer-gunner, 17175086. This aircraft was lost in the same bombing mission of that as another honoree, 2nd.Lt. Joseph C. Rich (see his page). Albinson's bomber departed from Panagarh, India, on the mission to bomb the railway and workshops at Insein, Burma. It was last seen at 1205 hours, at about 18 degrees 10 minutes north and 94 degrees 38 minutes east. TSgt Terry L. Humphries, 14025100, witnessed this: "I saw B-24J 42-73312 peel off and drop its landing gear at the same time our flight leader, Lt. Curtis did. He pulled his gear back up and came back into formaton on our right wing. He was about 40 minutes [away] from the target, [after the bomb run] when he again peeled off to the right and came back under our ship going to our left at about 90 degrees to us. We had a heading of 140 degrees at the time. His engines were all running okay and the ship seemed to be under complete control. I watched him about 300 yards out and he was keeping the same heading."  Albinson died in the enemy Rangoon Cantonment of malnutrition, dysentry and beri-beri . His remains were recovered by the Graves Registration team from the cantonment cemetery, grave 202.


The official list of remains lost on the C-47B included:

Albert I. Malok, SSgt., 6942456, died 28 November 1943, grave # 96

Gonsalves, Elias E., Sgt., 6570123, died 28 November 1943, grave # 96

Cummings, Harold B., Sgt., 6970823, died 28 November 1943, grave # 96

Kavanagh, Robert L., 1st.Lt., 0-435794, died 22 June 1943, grave # 96

Bodell, Edward H., TSgt., 11031740, died 15 July 1943, grave # 67

Aubuchon, Urvan A., TSgt., 37183004, died 26 November 1943, grave # 121

Hopes, Thomas, SSgt., 35305336, died 22 November 1943, grave # 120

Jordan, Francis B., SSgt., 19064268, died 27 November 1943, grave # 122

Kelley, John C., 1st.Lt., 0-726034, died 17 December 1943, grave # 134


The C47 transport upon which the crew, passengers, and dozens of recovered American dead remains were lost was transferred to Graves Registration detail by 1304th Army Air Force Base Unit, Air Transport Command, Order # 129 dated 10 May, 1946. The crew transferred included: 1st.Lt. Melvin L. Power, Check-Pilot, 0-933431, 1st.Lt. Horace J. Gabbart, pilot, 0-769970, and PFC Eugene F. Ryan, radio-operator, 17134187. By order of Lt.Col. Boaz, endorsed by Capt. Thomas E. Cale, Operations Officer, and signed by 1st.Lt. John H. McDowell.

The passengers aboard the aircraft included the Graves Registration team which had recovered the American war dead remains from several locations: Capt. Roy W. Corley, 0-1587766, 1st.Lt. Henry Derbyshire, 0-1116766, 1st.Lt. Donald C. Dutton, 0-1118713, SSgt. Glenn F. Cox, Jr., 36961684, Technician Fourth Warren R. Haines, 42083730, and Technician Fifth Wallace J. Davis, 33551295 (all U.S. Army).