ALMAND, PAUL E., First Lieutenant, Service # 0-494774, U. S. Army Air Force

Paul  E. Almand was born in 1915 to Groer C. Almand and Flora I.D. Sharp. A very bright young man, he graduated from the Georgia School of Technology, Macon, Georgia, with a major in Industrial Management. His siblings included Eugene and Louise. Trained as a pilot, he flew the C-46 two-engine transport, Tail # 41-5171, which departed Sookerating, India, enroute to Kunming, China (known as flying "the hump" over the Himalayan Mountains) in clear and calm weather with light ground fog. On 7 November 1943, at an unknown location and time, his aircraft crashed. The crew was comprised of pilot 2nd.Lt. Joseph E. Parris, 0-185561, co-pilot 1stLt. Paul E. Almand, navigator 2nd.Lt. James S. Johnson, 0-800125, radio operator PFC William J. Flynn, 11098872, and crew chief Corporal Charles T. Montagna, 32434947. The report reads that the call sign of the aircraft, 13T was faintly heard but not contacted. 2nd.Lt. Johnson reported that the aircraft went down possibly near Miatyika, Burma, and all crew members were captured. While 1st.Lt. Almand died as a POW in Rangoon 31 March, 1945, on 21 May, 1945, the remainder of the crew were rescued, transferred to the 142nd General Hospital, India, then returned to the U.S. His remains were recovered from the POW Cantonment cemetery.