ANGELL, ROBERT FISKE, First Lieutenant, Service # 0-407635, U.S. Army Air Force

Robert F. Angell was born 19 August 1919, to Earle Fiske Angell (1890-1985) and Edna Louise Groff (1894-1976) in White Sulphur Springs, Montana. The 1930 census shows residence in Brookland, Henrico Co., Virginia, with two siblings: Jane H. Angell (1918-1979) and Barbara C. Angell (1923-    ). The 1940 census shows residence in Tuckahoe, Henrico Co., Virginia. Robert enlisted in the Army National Guard and served from 11 November 1938, to 2 February 1941, with a final rank of Corporal (E-4). He was selected for officer cadet school and began his service 3 February 1941. After completing flight training as a fighter pilot, he was eventually sent overseas to the 530th Fighter Squadron, 311th Fighter Group, 10th Air Force, in India. In April 1943, the 311th Fighter-Bomber Group received several squadrons; P-51A Mustang fighters and the A-36s (P-51A variant for bombing & with 6 machine guns instead of four). The 530th Squadron operated out of India, the 528th (A-36s) out of Sookerating, India, the 529th (A-36s) out of Dinjan, India, and a fourth squadron was assigned to 14th Air Force in Kunming, China.

1st.Lt. Angell departed RAMU flying a North American Aviation P-51A-1 Mustang, Tail # 43-6040, on an escort of A-36 fighter-bombers (a P-51A variant with greater flaps and two more machine guns). He was last seen by 2nd.Lt. Kenneth C. Granger, 0-67260528, on 28 November 1943, forty miles NNW of Rangoon, Burma, east of the Irrawaddy River. Granger reported: "We were at 18,000 feet, 1150 hours, ... There was one Zero in the vicinity, but Lt. Angell was not having any trouble at the time. I did not see him again." No search was begun due to a lack of location. The newspaper, The News Leader, Staunton, Virginia, reported him as missing in action and son of Mrs. Edna Angell, 2013 Monument Avenue, Richmond. He was captured by the Japanese ground forces and taken to the Rangoon Cantonment, where he died on 15 February 1944. His remains were recovered from the cantonment cemetery. He was posthumously awarded an Air Medal and the Purple Heart.