AUBUCHON, URVAN AUGUST, Technical Sergeant, Service # 37183004, U.S. Army Air Force

Born 20 July 1911, in St. Louis, Missouri, to James Levi Aubuchon (1874-1924) and Marie Mary Venot (1876-1963), TSgt. Aubuchon was survived by his mother and several siblings: Lawrence John Aubuchon (1897-1982), Eunice Marie Henrietta Aubuchon (1901-1979), Andrew George Aubuchon (1903-1949), Merrell Joseph Aubuchon (1905-1995) and another sister. His pre-war civilian employment was with Laclede Gas & Electric. He registered for the draft for WW II on 16 October 1940, describing himself as 5'7", 152 lbs, with brown eyes and black hair.

After completing his training, he was sent overseas and assigned to the 493rd Bombardment Squadron, 7th Bombardment Group, Heavy, 10th Air Force. The Consolidated Aircraft B-24J Liberator had a longer range than the B-17 Flying Fortress with a higher top speed and heavier bomb load. It was 67 feet 2 inches in length and included a nose and tail machine gun turrets and blisters over the side turrets instead of open windows on the older version (10 .50 caliber machine guns). Its combat range was 1,700 miles with an 8,000-pound bomb load. B-24J, Tail # 42-73059, departed Pandaveswar, India, with an intended destination of Pakokku, Burma. It was seen to crash on 14 November 1943, at 1250 hours. The crew was comprised of pilot Major Wesley Werner, 0-399595, co-pilot 2nd.Lt. Theodore F. Young Jr., 0-742474, bombardier 1st.Lt. John C. Kelley, 0-726034, navigator 2nd.Lt. Thomas F. Hogan Jr., 0-673571, (the following were also gunners) engineer TSgt Urvan Aubachon , radio operator TSgt. Francis M. Daly Jr., 14018393, assistant engineer SSgt. Thomas E. Hopes, 35305336, assistant radio operator SSgt. Francis B. Jordan, 19064268, armorer SSgt. Sidney Kurtz, 32495303, and armorer SSgt. Robert P. Tucker, 35393382. The latter two were KIA in the crash. It was witnessed by 1st.Lt. Leland G. Barlette, 2nd.Lt. Glenn F. Stephens and 1st.Lt. William G. Clark.      


Surviving pilot, Major Wesley Werner, wrote the Commander, U.S. Army Air Force, from the A.A.F. Regional Hospital in Santa Ana, California, on 22 August 1945:

1. In answer to your letter dated August 10, 1945 ... requesting further information concerning ... the crew that was serving with me on November 14,1943 , the following information is submitted:

Name & Rank                    Died                  Burial                     Cause of Death

1st.Lt. John C. Kelley         Dec. 17, 1943     Buried by other      Burns suffered in crash & inadequate

                                                                    POWs                     care of the enemy

2nd.Lt. Thomas P. Hogan  Nov. 20, 1943            "                                   "

TSgt. Urvan A. Aubuchon Nov. 26, 1943            "                                   "

SSgt. Thomas E. Hopes     Nov. 22, 1943            "                                   "

SSgt. Francis B. Jordan       Nov. 27, 1943            "                                   "