BAKER continued.

An eyewitness described when Lieutenant Baker was downed in Burma:

" I certify that on the date of December 20, 1943, while on a combat mission over Monywa (sic), Burma, B-25-D, tail number 41-30367, piloted by Lieutenant Burdette H. Baker, was hit by AA fire over the target. One large hole and many small holes were visible in the left wing. The left engine had lost its oil quit running within ten (10) minutes. The plane took a heading of 330 degrees, apparently heading for Imphal [India] airfield. The right engine apparently was unable to give full power, for the plane consistently lost altitude from 9,800 feet to approximately 3,000 feet. At a point approximately three (3) miles west of Kalewa the plane started spinning to the left and crashed and exploded among the trees north of a small stream. I saw three parachutes open fairly close to the ground ... about 800 to 200 feet. (signed) Howard S. Sanders, Flight Officer, Air Corps."

1st.Lt. Robert E. Dales, Operations Officer, 491st Bombardment Squadron, 341st Bombardment Group, Shakulia , India, submitted a missing aircrew report with attachments on 22 December 1943. The attachments included a map of lower Chindwin, N.F. 46/3, two photographs, and three witness certificates, by F/O H.E. Sanders, Lt. D.J. Spreitzer, and Lt. E.W. O'Nan. The statement of Elroy W. O'Nan, 2nd.Lt., added the following: " ... The plane was on a heading approximately north losing 300-500 feet per minute, with the left prop feathered and with an airspeed of 120-130 miles per hour. When the plane had reached an approximate altitude of 1000 feet above terrain it went into a 20-degree bank to left and into the dead engine apparently heading for a beach or clearing. After turn was accomplished the plane went into a steep dive and appeared to be striving to recover airspeed. Immediately thereafter it went into a flat spin which soon evolved into a violent perpendicular spin. At approximately 400-200 feet from the ground, I observed three men leave the plane. All three chutes appeared to open. I was unable to tell whether men came from the rear or front hatch. We dropped our emergency medical supplies on the south side of the crash in the vicinity of two chutes observed on the ground. (signed) Elroy W. O'Nan, 2nd.Lt." 

To honor the men lost on the bomber, the full list of missing aircrew is:

2nd.Lt. Burdette H. Baker                                           Mr. John D. Baker (Father)

2nd.Lt. Paul J. Simonic                                               Mr. John M. Simonic (Father)

2nd.Lt. Charles H. Redd                                             Mrs. Minnie Margaret Redd (Mother)