B-25D Crew - Burdette H. Baker, Pilot, continued

ZIZLAVSKY , JOSEPH FRANKLIN, First Lieutenant (see his individual page herein)

TARASEWICZ, JOSEPH B., Staff Sergeant, Service # 12050655, USAAF

Born 20 February, 1920, in Wanamee, Pennsylvania, to Michael “Mike” Tarasewicz (1885-    ) and Helen (Pavloski) Tarasewicz (1892-1934), he had several siblings, including Anna Tarasewicz (1913-2003), Amelia Margaret Tarasewicz (1915-1998), Lucille “Lucy” Helen Tarasewicz (1918-2007), Joseph Tarasewicz (1920-    ), Irene Tarasewicz (1923-    ), and Gertrude Tarasewicz (1926-    ). In 1930, his father was employed as a coal miner. He enlisted in the USAAF 26 January 1942 in Newark, New Jersey with a residence in Union County, New Mexico. He died 20 December 1943 in the crash of the B-25D in which he served as engineer-gunner. He is buried in a group grave in the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery.


BUCHFUHRER, MARVIN ARTHUR, Staff Sergeant, Service # 12089170, USAAF

Marvin A. Buchfuhrer was born in 1922 in Manhattan, New York, New York, to Charles Buchfuhrer (1894-1981) and Tillie Buchfuhrer (1899-1980) and in 1930 had two siblings: Sydelle Buchfuhrer (1922-     ), and Monroe J. Buchfuhrer (1926-    ). He enlisted 2 July 1942 (promoted to SSgt 21 December 1942) in the USAAF and died in the crash of the B-25D on 20 December 1943 in which he was a radio operator-gunner. His remains were recovered by Graves Registration in a group grave and were buried with other crew on 24 September 1949 in the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, Missouri. No image found.

MURPHY, JOHN (NMI), Staff Sergeant, Service # 13029727, USAAF

Next of kin: Mrs. Ethel Murphy, mother, 518 Arlington St., Tamaqua, Pennsylvania. No other information found. No images found.