BODELL continued.

In perusing another (not Bodell) MACR folder, the following statements became available (from former POW, 2ndLt Kenneth Hoxley, while located at Chanute Field, Illinois):

RE: Edward R. Bodell, TSgt, Engineer-Gunner; last seen in Rangoon prison - died about 15 July 1943. Plane crash landed due to loss of three engines from enemy fighter fire 15 miles North of Bassien, Burma. TSgt Bodell died in Rangoon prison. I helped to bury him in Rangoon cemetery. 2ndLt Walter Cotton, 5434 Central Ave., Kansas City, MO and 2ndLt Hubert, 522 Fredonia, Nachodoches, TX, were in the funeral party.

RE: 1stLt Robert Kavanagh, pilot; last seen about 15 June 1943 in Rangoon prison (remainder same as above). Lt. Kavanagh died in Rangoon prison; 2ndLt Walter Cotton (above) aided in burial.

RE: Joseph Kellner, SSgt, Waist Gunner; last seen 1 May 1943 15 miles North of Bssien, Burma. We were forced to leave wounded men in Tawien (sic). Sgt Kellner was wounded - two machinegun bullets in hip and cannon shell shot off part of arm. His condition was critical. In my opinion, he was dying at the time. TSgt Bodell (left behind) later said SSgt Kellner died that night. Buried in Tawien (sic).

RE: Jack R. Redmon, TSgt, Radio Operator-Gunner; last seen 1 May 1943 on road from Tawien (sic), Burma to Chaungtha, Burma. Heard he was killed in skirmish with enemy patrol and buried in Tawien (sic). Information from a Burmese native, name of Batu, interpreter for enemy who captured us.

RE: John E. Lavery, SSgt, tail gunner; last seen 1 May 1943 at Tawien, Burma. TSgt Bodell said that Lavery was taken to Bassien by enemy and died there from head wounds.

RE: Norman P. Dohn, SSgt, waist gunner; last seen 1 May 1943 in aircraft before crash landing. Per TSgt Bodell and enemy, Dohn was captured and had a broken leg. He had bailed out. Enemy said he was taken to Rangoon for x-rays, which is doubtful as he was never seen again.