The remains recovered by the Graves Registration team which were aboard the ill-fated C-47B included those of five unidentified remains. In notes related to the loss, there is a comment that it was believed that these five unidentified remaims were five of the men lost when B-24J, Tail # 42-73222, was lost northwest of Rangoon Burma, 1 December 1943. The aircraft and crew were assigned to 9th Bomb Squadron, 7th Bomb Group; Col. Conrad Necrason, Group Commander, Capt./LtCol Allan A. Lathan, Squadron Commander. It departed India to bomb the Insein marshalling yards just North of Rangoon. Time to hit target was 1200 hours at 18,000 feet altitude. The crew was comprised of:

Pilot - 2ndLt Carl F. Carpenter, 0-742680 - (Enlisted service # 32838117)

Co-Pilot - 2ndLt William R. McCandless 0-683037

Navigator - Capt. Grant W. Erwin Jr., 0-558862

Bombadier - 2ndLt Clarence H. Clyborne Jr., 0-738961

Engineer-gunner - SSgt Robert (NMI) McCarty, 12126491

Radio Operator-gunner - SSgt William C. Fetterman, 13155731

Asst. Engineer-gunner - Sgt Eugene L. Moyers, 14160896

Asst.Radio Operator-gunner - Sgt Alfred L. Busby, 18193907

Armorer-gunner - Sgt Paul L. Elyea, 36179569

Armorer-gunner - Sgt Malcolm W. Carter, 31151547

The fliers who last sighted the "Bugs Bunny" B-24J were (inaccurate sighting - different B-24J):

2ndLt Stanley M. Allison, 0-672287

2dLt Raymond L. Cawood, 0-742283

Sgt Walter A. Blanc, 32693669

The B-24J was armed with:

2 .45 caliber Thompson machineguns

1 Springfield rifle

10 .50 caliber aircraft Browning machineguns

9 .45 caliber M1911 Colt semi-automatic pistols for individual crew

All three witnesses to the last sighting of the B-24J signed the following statement:

"While participating in a combat mission on the 1st of Dec. 1943 about ten minutes after leaving the target area ship number 26 flying to the left of our ship, number 27, was seen to explode in midair. Pieces of which were seen flying past our aircraft. I did not see it crash and I did not see any parachutes used." NOTE: The crew image is with the "Ricochet," not the "Bugs Bunny."