The cargo list included: (1) personal baggage for 11 persons - one loading ramp, (2) 12 cases containing remains of 38 bodies (wt. 1440 lbs), (3) 2 life rafts, (4) 11 parachutes and (5) an unknown number of "Mae West" life jackets.

The MACR file shows that 12 Royal Air Force (British) search sorties were flown and 26 U.S.A.A.F. search sorties were flown. The number was actually much higher, as revealed by separate USAAF records.

The MACR log shows:

TIME                 Activity

0324 GMT         Take-off time for 43-48308 from Rangoon

0530 GMT         Ships position time over Akyab, at 12,000 feet, IFR: Barrackpore 0800

                          IFR (IFR - Instrument Flight Rules - no visibility by which to fly)

0610 GMT        Above position report received by air-ground radio station

0615 GMT        8308 asked for and received Barrackpore weather

0705 GMT        At this time the Barrackpore air-ground operator gace C-54 5629 (inbound from

                         Karachi a long count. 8308 radio operator, thinking the count was for him, came back

                         with a QRU "nothing for you." NOTE: This was the last radio word from 8308 and

                         it was still 55 minutes from Barrackpore, according to ETA. NOTE: All messages

                         were in CW and on 4595 Kc.

0800 GMT       Air-Ground began calling 8308 - DF station was alerted.

0900 GMT       Major Prokop, 1304th AAF BU Director of Operations declared 8308 overdue.

1000 GMT       8308 officially was declared "missing."

1000 GMT       RAF Area Control at Ballygunge was notified that 8308 was missing between Akyab

                        and Barrackpore. They immediately accomplished the following:

                        a. Sent an emergency "request/news" signal to Akyab, Chittagong, Pagu and Rangoon

                        Area Control, informing them that 0838 was missing between Akyab and Barrackpore.

                        (no news was forthcoming)