b. Sent an "all Fying Units, India" and "A.C.S.E.A. Commands Emergency Request/news

                signal" regarding 8308 (no results)

                c. Sent following signal to 1347 Air Sea Rescue Squadron, "First light search required for

                USAAF A/C C-47 8308 overdue on flight between Akyab and Barrackpore. Track search

                with 2 aircraft. If search could be carried out until dusktonight, do so. Wil forward further

                details if available.

                d. 255 and 227 High Speed Launch Units on Bay of Bengal were alerted to stand by for

                search or rescue (Note: These craft did not go out).

1000        It was arranged that the following US aircraft would search on 18 May:

               C-47, 8788 with Captain Gale as Pilot

               C-47, 6362 with Captain Cornell as Pilot

               C-47, 3113 with Lt. Tilden as Pilot

               C-54, 5624 with Major Prokop as Pilot

1000        It was agreed that "A/C missing" report would not be sent till 18 May, due to possibility that

               the missing 8308 might be on one of the numerous small airports neat Chittagong or enroute.

1300       Base C.O. was notified that 8308 was missing. Delay was due to scanty information usually

               available here on ETA of aircraft. These delays largely due to monson weather static making

               radio contact poor. [Remainder omitted]

On 17 May at 0610Z aircraft 8308 called in the following message: "QAF FA 0530Z OAH 12000 IFR QAA CM 0800Z"

In clear text this means: We passed over Akyab at 0530Z altitude 12000, flying on instruments, we expect to arrive at Barrackpore at 0800Z.

At 0615Z he called for the weather, which I had to send twice due to heavy atmospheric interferance.

Operations requested contact with aircraft 5629 and I gave him a long call at 0705Z, which he did not answer but aircraft 8308 came back with "QRU" which means: Nothing for you.

The frequency was closely guarded and we made repeated calls when the aircraft became due to arrive but were never able to contact him.