Drummey continued.

Around 15 minutes (1540 hrs) from target the right wing man contacted me on the radio. I told him we were on our way home and if he still had his bombs to drop them at the last resort target. He replied OK, about five minutes later I tried to contact him again but was unsuccessful."

Following are the listed emergency contacts for each crew member:

1st.Lt. Drummey                          Mrs. Florence M. Drummey, 11 Miller Ave., East Braintree, MA.

1st.Lt. Stom                                   Mrs. Eva May Stom , 3800 Tyler St., Gary, IN

SSgt. Andrews                              Mrs. Helen Andrews (wife) East Missoula, Montana

Sgt. Nare                                      Mrs. Ruth Helen Nare, 74 Delaware Ave., Union Town, PA

Pvt. Foley                                     Mrs. Olive Foley, 228 Spencer St., Ithaca, NY

Robert Drummey was captured by the Japanese and imprisoned as a POW at the Rangoon Cantonment. He died there 12 January 1945 and was buried in the cantonment cemetery. His remains were recovered by Graves Registration. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal and a Purple Heart.