Goodrich continued.

Walter L. Dutton (nephew of 1stLt Donald C. Dutton)was friends with Burdette's brother, Jim Goodrich. Jim, Karen, and Walter and others attended a DPMO meeting in San Diego and Jim and Walter shared many calls, e-mails and breakfasts afterwards. Jim was a well known and retired journalist. He is deeply missed.

The Lockheed Martin P-38H Lightning flown by Burdette cruised at 275 MPH and had a maximum speed of 414 MPH. It had a service celing of 40,000 feet and was a formidable fighter. It fired 409 round per minute from its nose mounted machine guns. A sixteen P-38 plane formation flew the 1,000 mile long mission to shoot down Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, architect of the attack on Pearl Harbor. P-38 pilots shot down more enemy aircraft thany any other in WW II.

Twin Dragons - P-38 Lightnings Over Burma - author: J. Kozlovsky

ISBN: 978-150323710 - 42 pages -