GREY, JAMES M., First Lieutenant, Service # 0-665192, U.S. Army Air Force

James M. Grey was born in April, 1920 to Robert and Bessie Grey in Pennsylvania. He enlisted in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 26 January 1942 (enlisted service # 16060352). At the time he was described as 6' and 168 lbs. After training he received his commission and wings and became a fighter pilot. He was sent overseas and was assigned to the 530th Fighter Squadron, 311th Fighter Group, 10th Air Force, in India. On 27 November 1943, he departed RAU (Dinjan), India, as fighter protection and escort for a bombiing mission over Rangoon. His P-51A-10, Tail # 43-6296, was last seen at 1330 hours 40 miles west of Rangoon, east of the Irrawady River. His fighter was lost due to enemy aircraft fire. The witness was Capt. Sidney M. Newcomb, 0-660586, who wrote: "We were about 10 minutes from the target (RANGOON) on a homeward course and Lt. Grey was on my left wing about 75 yards distant at 1330 hours, 27 November 1943. I spotted a Zero fighter near the element on the right and made an abrupt turn to intercept the enemy fighter. I did not see Lt. Grey's aircraft after my turn but a short time later, I heard Lt. Grey say over the radio, 'Come on, Emery, let's go home - I'm on the trees.' (flying low) Lt. Emery was on the mission with us. This is apparently the last seen or heard of Lt. Grey." Fighter pilots of this unit whose remains were lost in the crash of the C-47B on 17 May 1946 include: Everitt E. Brigs, Jr., Robert F. Angell, and James M. Grey. 1stLt. John F. Emery, referred to in Capt. Newcomb's statement, was also lost in the Burma fighter sorties.

Captain John Frederick "Jack" Emery, 0-665185, was born 30 October 1922 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the son of Valmer Charles Emery (1886-1970) and Ester Oeschle (1899-1986). He had two siblings, Valmer Charles Emery Jr. (1920-1944) and Robert "Bob" Leroy Emery (1921-2009). He enlisted (enlisted service # 16060418) 28 January 1942 and died 9 July 1944. By the time he was shot down, the 530th Fighter Squadron had moved to Tingkawk Air Station, Burma. He was flying a P-51A-10, Tail # 43-6282, on fighter interception at Myitkyina, Burma and was KIA at about 1305 hours, 9 July 1944, 20 miles south of Sahmaw, Burma. He was last sighted by 1stLt James E Wall. The crash site could not be found.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, 1 January, 1944, reported that he was one of 13 missing reported by the War Department on a casualty list as missing in action; residence: 4402 Pine St., Philadelphia.

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