JORDAN and KAVANAGH continued.

Kavanagh's father registered for the WW II draft, living in Murdock, Swift County Minnesota, age 59 years, DOB 12 May 1882, Kildare, Minnesota; postmaster of Murdock; physical description: 5'7", 160 lbs, bald with blue eyes. TSgt. Edward E. Bodell (see that page) was a crewman on this B-24D and Bodell and 1st.Lt. Kavanagh both died on 15 July 1943 as POWs in the Rangoon Cantonment.

On 1 May 1943 the B-24D piloted by 1stLt Kavanagh departed the 492nd Bombardment Squadron Hqs base at Panagarh, India, on a bombing mission to Rangoon, Burma. The B-24D was Tail # 41-42513. 1stLt Kavanagh died 15 July (one record states 22 July) 1943, a POW at the Rangoon Cantonment and was buried in its cemetery. Other crewmen were 2ndLt Walter E Cotton, 0-661921, co-pilot, 2ndLt Keneth F. Hoxley, navigator, 0-660885, 2ndLt Hubert R. Garrett, bombardier, 0-726149, TSgt. Edward E. Boddell, engineer-gunner, 11031740 (died 15 July 1943, a POW in the Rangoon Cantonment and was buried in its cemetery), TSgt Jack L Redman, radio operator-gunner, 19074486 (KIA 1 May 1943), SSgt Norman F Dohn, gunner, 19079988 (DOW 15 May 1943), SSgt Joseph C Kellner, gunner, 12060872 (DOW 1 May 1943), and SSgt John E Lavery, gunner, 19081435 (DOW 10 May 1943). DOW – Died of Wounds. Of these men, three were repatriated to the U.S. for medical care: Cotton, Hoxley, and Garrett. There were no known witnesses to the crash of the B-24D.

The kin list reads as follows:

Kavanagh                            Mr. John R. Kavanagh, father, Murdock, Minnesota

Garrett                                Mrs. T.J. Garrett, wife, 527 Fredonia St., Nacogdoches, Texas

Hoxley                                Mrs. Dorothy Hoxley, wife, RR # 1, Box 1, Newburg, Indiana

Cotton                                 Mrs. Beverly J. Cotton, wife, 5435 Central, Kansas City, Missouri

Redmon                               Mrs. Margery Redmon, mother, 7430 Werera St., Seattle, Washington

Bodell                                  Mr. Joseph R. Bodell, father, 27 Melrose Ave., Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Kellner                                 Mr. Joseph P. Kellner, father, 145 27th St., Jamaica, New York

Dohn                                   Mrs. William Dohn, mother, 1715 N. Magaya St., Burbank, California

Lavery                                  Mr. John N. Lavery, father, 2225 W. 20th St., Los Angeles, California

The remains of Bodell and Kavanagh were recovered by the Graves Registration C-47B which crashed into the Bay of Bengal during violent and heavy monsoon rain storms.