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LISTON, CHARLES BOURCK, First Lieutenant, Service # 0-529445, U.S. Army Air Force

Charles B. "Shorty" Liston was born 16 August, 1909, in Union, Cass County, Iowa, the third child born to Charles R. Liston (1878-1943) and Margaret L. Bourck (1879-1909). His mother passed away giving birth to Charles. He had two siblings: Margaret I. Liston (1904-1997) and Ronald R. Liston (1906-1935). His father married again in 1913, Minnie E. Speiker (1892-1971) and they had five more children. At age 26, Charles married Eleanor Jean Forsythe, age 19, born 13 June 1916 (died 1979), on 12 January 1935 in Griswold, Iowa. The marriage was performed by Church of Christ Pastor H.M. Sippel, Adel, Iowa. This marriage information may be incorrect but appears valid.