LISTON continued.

MACR # 332, 1st Commando Group, states that the destination was the Chindwin River Area, Burma, in a glider, on 6 March 1944, and listed the crew: pilot 1stLt Charles B Liston, 0-529445, Status – DOC (Date of Capture) 2 Apr 1944, co-pilot MSgt Fletcher E. Hart, 37001604, EUS, and Corp. Julius F. Yackie, 17072536, DNB 28 Aug 1944.

In reference to MACR 332, the 1st Commando Group sent a message to Chief, Casualty Branch, dated 7 March 1945, stating as follows:

The persons below were reported missing in action in Burma by confidential message number CRA 665 from COUSAFCBI, Rear Echelon, New Delhi, India to War Department, and have been carried on War Department records as missing in action since 6 March 1944; (file AG 704 – 3 April 1944):

                         Name                                            ASN                   Grade

                         Liston, Charles B.                         0529445               First Lieutenant

                         Hart, Fletcher                               37001604             Master Sergeant

                         Yackie, Julius F.                             17072536             Corporal

Files of these persons in Casualty Branch, Officers Branch and Enlisted Branch and the following record and reports have been submitted. A summary of pertinent facts concerning the disappearance and status of the above persons follows:

            The subject members of the 1st Commando Group disappeared following a glider flight

            to the Chindwin River Area, Burma, 6 March 1944. The report initiating the casualty

            status of these men states that they were thought to be prisoners of war. The names of

            Lieutenant Liston and Hart were subsequently mentioned as an unofficial broadcast

            emanating from Japan.

Recommmendation: It is recommended that the persons named in paragraph 1, above, be continued in the status of missing in action as of 7 March 1945, under the provisions of Section 5 of the Missing Persons Act. This message was signed by Lee H. Hirschenbaum, Investigator and Capt. Orrkin Mason, ASD.


The family received this Western Union telegram: "The secretary of war desires to express his deepest regret that your son, First Lieutenant Charles B. Liston, died in Burma April 2, 1944; a prisoner of the Japanese government.  A report received says your son was captured in Burma March 6th, 1944. Confirming letter follows."

The above telegram was received Monday night by Mrs. Minnie Liston, Route 3, Adel, Iowa, from the Adjutant General, and brought untold sadness to the mother and many friends of the young man. He was posthumously awarded the Air Medal and the Purple Heart. For many months (since April 1944) Mrs. Liston had been anxiously awaiting news of her son. At one time a message was received stating that he had been reported missing since March 6th of the same year. Nothing more was heard from then until the wire came Monday.