1st Commandos pre-Operation Thursday

     1st Commando Group B-25J - Operation Thursday

           Practice Glider Landing

U.S. & British Troops - Pre-Operation Thursday

Briefings - Operation Thursday - U.S. & U.K.

  U.S. & U.K. Troops load on C-47s - Operation Thursday

Liston was part of Operation Thursday. It was the allied response to Japan's planned invasion of India. Some gliders crashed at location "Broadway" and others crashed into the Jungle because "Broadway" was littered with gliders, cargo and men. The codeword "Soyalink" halted operations then the radio at "Broadway" failed. The leading engineer & his team were killed. The secondary engineer, a 2ndLt, and his Chindits finished the runway that afternoon so that C-47s loaded with men and arms could land. See added images at link USAAF Official Images.