MALOK continued.

                                       The Boeing B-17G Specifications

• DESIGNED BY: Boeing Company, Seattle, Washington.
• POWER: Four 1,200-horsepower Wright Cyclone Model R-1820-97 engines. These engines are nine cylinder, radial, air-cooled type with a 16:9 gear ratio. The propellers are three-bladed Hamilton Standard propellers, 11 feet, 7 inches in diameter.
• WEIGHTS: Basic empty weight is 34,000 lbs. Gross weight (wartime with full bomb load and armament rounds of .50 caliber) is 65,500 lbs.
• FUEL CAPACITY: 1,700 gallons
• RANGE: 1,850 miles. Range could be extended when equipped with “Tokyo Tanks,” (late model Fs) and bomb bay tanks which provide a total capacity of 3,630 gallons.
• WING SPAN: 103 feet, 9 inches
• LENGTH: 74 feet, 4 inches
• HEIGHT: 19 feet, 1 inch
• ARMAMENT: Thirteen Browning M-2 .50 caliber machine guns (G model). Fire rate approximately 13 rounds per second. No gun on a B-17 carried more than one minute’s supply of ammunition next to it, but up to 14,000 rounds are known to have been carried at tiems. Number of guns vary by model from 11 to 14 with custom field modifications by B-17 engineers and gunner crew members.
• BOMB LOAD: Depending on types of bombs, maximum normal load could be up to 8,000 pounds. If B-17 was fitted with special external racks, maximum normal short-range bomb load could go as high as 17,600 pounds.
• SPEEDS: Maximum 300 mph at 30,000 ft, maximum continuous 263 mph at 25,000 ft., cruising speed 170 mph, landing 74 mph, rate of climb 37 minutes to 20,000 ft. Formation speed of 155 mph.

It is important to demonstrate to readers of this web site that we strive to honor each and every military veteran who served and are mentioned herein. To this end, we reprint artices about the veterans which are available through routine web searches. Staff Sergeant Albert L. Malok died in the Rangoon Cantonment on 29 November 1943. He was previously awarded a Purple Heart for wounds and was awarded a second Purple Heart posthumously.

Pennsylvania, a state which has seen war since the colonial era, is a state of citizens who demonstrate their pride and caring about the military veterans who served in or from their State:

The Morning Call, Allentown, PA; 26 Oct 1942 – “Hellertown Man Gets Silver Star for Gallantry” – WASHINGTON D.C. – Four Army flier whose bomber carried out a solo attack in Burma and shot down at least four Japanese fighters before being disabled have been awarded the Silver Star decoration the department announced today, for “gallantry of the highest order.”(continued next pg)