MELTON continued.

Harry R. Melton Jr.:

12 Jan 1929 – The Cincinnati Enquirer – CANDIDATES ARE CHOSEN

To Take West Point Test – First District of Kentucky – Harry R. Melton Jr., Wickcliffe.

29 Mar 1938 – Daily Press, Newport, VA – Langley Field News Brevities –

Second Lieut. Harry R. Melton Jr., A.C., transferred to Operations Section, Base Headquarters and 1st Air Base Squadron.

17 Jun 1938 – Daily Press

Second Lieut. Harry R. Melton Jr. appointed assistant to the base adjutant.

27 Sep 1938 – Daily Press – Langley Field News Briefs

Lieut.Col. and Mrs. Harry R. Melton of Henderson, N.C. were weekend guests of their son, Second Lieut. Harry R. Melton, Jr.

12 Feb 1939 – Daily Press – Country Club Will Sponsor Fashion Revue

James River Country Club, dancing, including Mrs. Harry R. Melton, Jr.

18 Feb 1939 – Daily Press – Fashion Revue Outstanding Even On Pre-Lenten Social Calendar. A dinner dress creating the modern version of the Monastic influence in sheer crepe chartreuse was worn by Mrs. Harry R. Melton Jr.

1 Apr 1939 – Daily Press – Entertaining With House Party At Hunting Lodge on Chickahominy – Langley Field – Guests include Lieut. And Mrs. Melton.

4 Aug 1939 – Daily Press

First Lieut. Harry R. Melton Jr., assistant base adjutant left today in an A-17 attack ship for five days of detached service at Kelly Field, Texas (became Kelly AFB for many years). The Northrop A-17 was a two-seat, single engine, monoplane attack bomber.

Northrop A-17 bomber

23 Feb 1940 – The Tampa Times (FL) – Army Aviation Men Prepared to Come Here

Officers and enlisted men of the 29th Bombardment Group to arrive from Langley Field, VA, including First Lt. Harry R. Melton Jr., Wickcliffe, KY, adjutant.

25 Feb 1940 – Daily Press (Newport News VA) – PLANS TO TRANSFER 29TH BOMBARDMENT GROUP BEING MADE – Flying the B-17 bomber, heavy, training for bombing missions and chemical warfare training, includes First Lieut. Harry R. Melton Jr., adjutant.

20 Jun 1940 – The Tampa Times

Officers for 29 Bombardment Group include First Lieutenant Harry R. Melton Jr.