MELTON continued.

The 1910 census for Blandville, Kentucky shows Harry R. Melton (Sr.), age 29, physician, and “Annie” Given (Rothrock) Melton, age 24 (1886-1966). Nearby: Mont F. Melton (1855-1938), Nettie Melton (1859-1940) and Bertha Melton (1882-   ). The 1920 census shows Dr. Harry R. Melton on duty in the hospital at Fort Sheridan, Deerfield Township, Lake County, Illinois. The 1930 census for Fort McClellan, Calhoun County, Alabama, shows Dr. Harry Melton, 49, Annie Melton, 40, and Harry R. Melton (Jr.), 18. The 1940 census for Henderson, Vance County, North Carolina, shows Harry R. Melton, age 59, and Annie Melton, age 50. 1862-1985 Military Register:

Harry R. Melton (# 0-11832) born Blandville, Ballard County, Kentucky on 23 Feb., 1881, Medical Doctorate, Central University of Kentucky. Captain, U S Army Medical Corps, on 7 Sept. 1918; vacated 7 Sept., 1920 – 1st.Lt. on 1 July 1920, Captain, 8 Sept., 1921 – buried Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, San Antonio, Texas.

On 1 January, 1937, Harry Ripley Melton, Jr., married Lavonia Lubel Smith (1916-1970), and had two daughters with her, Sharon L. Melton (1936-    ) and Lavonia Anne Melton (1938-1999). They divorced in 1940.  On 23 June 1941, Harry Ripley “Rip” Melton, Jr., married Natalie Jeanne Wilson (1921-1987) 325 Fuller S.E., Flint, Michigan, in Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan, by Minister of East Church, Charles W. Helsley.

Newspapers are great sources of information. The following is a summary of numerous articles about Dr. Marry R. Melton and his son, Col. Harry R. Melton, Jr.:

Harry R. Melton (Sr.):

27 Jan 1928 – Newport Journal-Weekly News, Newport, Rhode Island

Army Private Phillip Novelle of Fort Adams in Critical Condition – Automobile accident; Post Doctor Harry R. Melton treated him.

16 Oct 1928 – Daily Press, Newport, VA – ORDERS FROM THE WAR DEPARTMENT

Captain Harry R. Melton transferred to Fort McClellan.

18 Oct 1928 – The Anniston Star (Anniston, Alabama)

Captain Harry R. Melton replaces Captain Butler as post surgeon, Medical Corps, at Camp McClellan.

20 Oct 1928 – The Burlington (Vermont) Free Press -Of Interest In Washington

Special Orders No. 241 orders transfer of Captain Harry R. Melton to Camp McClellan.

16 Jan 1929 – The Anniston Star - GEORGE DRIVER DINNER

George E. Driver, former Manager, Driver Hotel Co., Inc., guest at informal dinner with Captain Harry R. Melton and others.

10 Mar 1929 – The Anniston Star - BASE HOSPITAL TO BE REBUILT

Captain Harry R. Melton will direct reconstruction of hospital at Camp McClellan.

4 Aug 1929 – The Anniston Star – Mrs. Harry Melton Has Party At Fort

A pretty affair for Mrs. George Steinmeyer who is leaving.

11 Sep 1930 - The Anniston Star  – ORDERS FROM THE WAR DEPARTMENT

Captain Harry R. Melton promoted to Major.


Structure to Cost $100,000 – Work Expected to Start Soon – 21 beds & 2 stories – Major Harry R. Melton to occupy new officers’ quarters.