On the lit of remains aboard the Graves Registration C-47B on 17 May 1946, there appears the information, "Murphy, G.R. (AVG) - Died 20 June 1945 - Grave # B6 (Maggion cemetery, Burma."

Walter L. Dutton contacted the AVG organization and was told that no G.R. Murphy was listed as an AVG member. Furthermore, that no assigned AVG personnel would be listed in their organization unless he had arrived in China. A G.R. Murphy, born in 1919, Hill County, Texas, enlisted 19 June 1942 in Dallas, Texas. He had 4 years college and was described as 5'6" and 166 lbs.

Since no further information has been found on this lost servicemen, it is hoped someone, sometime, can be helpful.

ORTMEYER, ARMIN JOHN EDWARD, JR., Captain, Service # 0-659326, U.S. Army Air Force

Armin Ortmeyer Jr. was born 5 March 1915 in Little Rock, Arkansas, to Armin John Edward Ortmeyer (1884-1957) and Leila Myrle Jones (1882-1954) and was survived by a sister, Arlene (Ortmeyer) Pound (1912-1980). In 1940 the family lived at 3417 Almeria Ave., Tampsa, Hillsborough County, Florida. Armin Jr.'s father was a wholesale furniture executive for Ortmeyer-Thompson Furniture. When he registered on 16 October 1940 for the WW II draft, he provided this information: 108 West Davis Blvd., Tampa, Hillsborough, FL, age 25 years, DOB 5 March 1915, relative: Mrs. Leila Jones Ortmeyer, same address; employment - for his father's furniture business. He described himself as: 5'11", 145 lbs, blond hair and blue eyes.

He enlisted 26 September 1941 at MacDill Field, Florida (enlisted service # 14044423) as an aviation cadet in the U.S.A.A.F. After flight taining and commissioning as a Second Lieutenant, he was sent overseas and assigned to the 459th Fighter Squadron, 80th Fighter Group. On May 26 1941, the Tampa Times ran a brief article titled, "6 Tampans named for Blanding Duty - Local Draft Board 1 today named six men to leave for Selective Service training at Camp Blanding June 5. The call exhausts the order nubers in Board 1 through 628. Earl Vernie Johnson, 22, 109 Cardy St., can packer, volunteered. Selected men include Armin John Ortmeyer Jr., 26 ...; Ludwig G. Hazenbein, 24, Winter Haven, citrus grower, Theodore L. Lesley, 30, ... rent collector, James Wilson Toph, 23, crew caller, and Albert L. Allen, 30, hotel clerk."

On May 27 1941, the Tampa Tribune, ran a picture and article about the "First Aviation Cadets," saying that "two University of Tampa students were first to sign up yesterday with Second Lieut. Vincent I. Donohue, center [in the picture which follows], for army flying training. They are Armin J. Ortmeyer Jr., 108 West Davis Boulevard, left [in picture] and Linus Frederick Upson Jr., 17203 Highland avenue, right. Private Holmes is at the typewriter."