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Assigned to Graves Registration, at Headquarters, 10th Air Force, Calcutta, India, the C-47 was flown to various locations in the CBI theatre as the Graves Registration team recovered American war dead remains, prepared and loaded them on the C-47 for transportation on return to Calcutta. Recovery of American war dead took place at the Catholic cemetery, Yandoon, Burma (Lt.Col. Everett C. Plummer), the Maggion cemetery, located 11 miles south of Inye Village (17 degrees 12 minutes North & 95 degrees 14 minutes East) in a banana grove near a rice field - official map reference # P/468904 (AVG G.R. Murphy). At the Rangoon Cantonment cemetery, they recovered 37 American war dead remains, prepared them, and loaded them on the C-47 for transportation to Calcutta, India, for return to the U.S. The official investigation of the loss of the C-47 over the Bay of Bengal listed the following remains as aboard:

NAME                                                 RANK          SERVICE #

ALBINSON, Norman E.                     Sgt.                13176804

AUBUCHON, Urvan A.                      TSgt.              37183004

BODELL, Edward R.                          TSgt.              11031740

BRIGGS, Everitt E. Jr.                         2ndLt             0-668189

BROWN, J.                                           Sgt.                Unknown

CUMMINGS, Harold H.                      Sgt.                6970825

GAMBALE, Gene                                F/O              T-121948

GONSALVES, Elias E.                        Sgt.                6570123

GREY, James M.                                   1stLt              0-665192

HOPES, Thomas E.                              SSgt.              35305336

JORDAN, Francis B.                             SSgt.              19064628

KAVANAGH, Robert L.                       1stLt              0-435791

KELLEY, John C.                                  1stLt              0-726034

MALOK, Albert L.                                SSgt.               6942456

MURPHY, G. R.                                    (A.V.G.)

PITTARD, Charles A.                            TSgt.              39251123

PLUMMER, Everett C.                          LtCol             0-300865

RODRIGUEZ, Frank (NMI)                 SSgt.              6578491

SHEETS, Jack R.                                    SSgt.              13067183

WESTBERG, Wayne R.                          Capt              0-732792

YACKIE, Julius F.                                   Cpl.               17072536