RICH continued.


Stephens:                                   McClung reported he was strafed while parachuting. Saw his pocketbook later.

Temples:                                    McClung reported he was strafed while parachuting.

Cook:                                         McClung reported he was strafed while parachuting.

Following is the MACR report of next of kin:

Meredith:                      Dr. Loren K. Meredith, father, 1234 47th St., Des Moines, Iowa

Rich:                             Mrs. Charlotte Rich, mother, 89 Sherwood St., Portland, Maine

                                     Lt. Bernice H. Rich, wife, Army Nurses Corps, Winter General Hosp.,

                                     Topeka, Kansas

Butterfield:                   Mrs. Blythe M Zeurcher, mother, Davey, Nebraska

Ryan:                            Mrs. Ann M. Curyan, mother, 225 W. 66th St., New York, New York

Stephens:                      Mrs. Nina A. Stephens, wife, 440 W. 44th St., Indianapolis South, Indiana

Hart:                             Mrs. Oscar Hartsock, friend, Box # 1, Highland Park, New Jersey

Temples:                       Mrs. Gertrude D. Temples, mother, 311 Fifth St., Vidalia, Georgia

Smeal:                           Mrs. Ethel B. Smeal, mother, Rural Free Delivery # 1, Ciruansville, PA

Cook:                            Mrs. Rebecca R. Cook, mother, 807 Maryland Ave., Butte, Montana

Pero:                             Mrs. Mabel C. Pero, mother, 404 Main St., Johnson City, New York

McClung:                      Mrs. Iona Z. McClung, mother, Sheriden, Arkansas

The 308th Bomb Group was comprised of four squadrons: 373rd, 374th, 375th and the 425th. All operated out of bases in China between March 1943 and Jun 1945. The 14th Air Force, 308th Bomb Group had its supplies in India although it was flown out of China. Its commander was Colonel William P. Fisher. Originally assigned to the base in Yangkai, China, they were soon sent to Pandaveswar, India. Their bomber was nicknamed the "Maxwell House III," and on 27 November 1943, it and twenty-three other bombers were sent to attack the Insein railway workshops. The Japanese railway, which stretched from Indochina to Rangoon, was constructed with thousands of enslaved local workers and prisoners of war. It was known as the railway of death.

It was reported that 2ndLt Rich recovered from the burns and wounds received when shot down but, he eventually succumbed to beri-beri, dysentry and malnutrition, with no medical care provided by the enemy. Before he died, he gave McClung his wedding band, which McClung hid and later returned to then Captain Bernice Rich, Nurses Corps. The deceased crew were buried in the Rangoon cantonment cemetery. Their remains were recovered by Graves Registration.