WESTBERG continued.

Before his enlistment, Wayne was employed by the Montgomery Elevator Company.

The Dispatch, Moline, IL, on 5 Nov. 1942 reported that Wayne R. Westberg, son of Mrs. Velma Westberg, had been commissioned a Second Lieutenant at the aviation advanced flying school at Mather Field, California, after completing 15 weeks of study in aerial navigation.

The Dispatch, 15 Feb. 1943, reported that at Carlsbad Army Field, Carlsbad, New Mexico, 2ndLt Wayne R. Westberg, son of Mrs. Velma Westberg, 842 17th St., Moline, is receiving bombardier instruction.

The Dispatch, 28 Dec., 1943, reported that from Algiers came a report the the B-25 Earthquakers group (bombed) straddled a vessel docked at Uljan Island off Zara, Yugoslavia and damaged a large merchant ship between Uljan and Zara. "I saw a string of bombs fall close to the vessel's stern and the ship's wake stopped," said Liet. Wayne R. Westberg, bombardier, of 842 17th St., Moline, IL.

The Dispatch, 2 Dec. 1943, reported that 2ndLt Wayne R. Westberg, on a Mitchell B-25 bomber in Italy, had been promoted to First Lieutenant. He had been in Europe since April, 1943 and took part in the invasion of Sicily.

The Dispatch, 2 Mar. 1944, reported that 1stLt Wayne R. Westberg had been promoted to Captain. He had completed sixty-five bombing missions in the African and Italian war theaters, assigned to the B-25.

The Dispatch, 12 Jun., 1944, reported that "Moline Captain, Bomber, Listed Among Missing," Captain Wayne Westberg, 23 of Moline, navigator-bombardier on a B25 medium bomber. is missing in action since May 20 in the Asiatic-Pacific theater... A brother, Irwin Westberg, lives at 2912 11th Ave B, Moline.

The Dispatch, 19 Jun 1945, reported "Wayne Westberg Of Moline Dies in Prison Camp." His mother received word from the war department yesterday that her son, Capt. Wayne R. Westberg, died 23 Aug., 1944 as a POW in Rangoon prison. Also surving him are his brother, Irwin, and his maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W.J.H. Schmidt, 2043 18th St., Moline. ... He was a member of the Moline First Baptist Church and the president of the young people's organization when he enlisted.

The Dispatch, 7 Sep 1945, reported a "Memorial Planned For Capt. Westberg," - Memorial services for Capt. Wayne Westberg, who died Aug. 23 1944, in a Japanese prison camp, will be held at 2:30 Sunday afternoon in the First Baptist Church, Moline. Dr. T. Harley Marsh, former pastor of the church, will conduct the services.